Wedding Celebrations With A Difference

If you’re getting married, you may be looking for some unique wedding celebrations. There are plenty of ideas floating around which will add a touch of fun to your wedding and are easy to organise. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an asian fusion menuchair cover hire ideas, outdoor lighting or restaurants that are available to hire, there’re plenty of ideas that you could consider to add lots of special touches to your big day. Your reception is one part of your wedding where you can add a difference. Below we will provide you with some examples of touching, unique and exciting ways of adding a difference to your wedding day. 

Photo guest book

Create a photobook which shows pictures of your journey together as a couple. This will allow your guests to look through it and then sign it. You could then place this on your coffee table in your new home together.

Lounge pillows 

It’s quite common to have a lounge area in your reception venue and this gives guests the chance to socialise with one another. Whatever decor you decide to use in your lounge area,  use this to create personalised pillows which will add a touch of comfort to this area for guests. 

First dance

Your first dance is an important aspect of your wedding. Think about starting your dance with a nice, slow song and finish your dance by displaying a dance routine. This is bound to get all of your guests up dancing with you! 

Shot welcome

Once it’s time to begin the party provide each guest with a shot glass filled with your favourite tipple. Make sure each glass displays their name and table number.

Table runner

Add a touch of difference with a colourful, elegant table runner. Consider customising this table runner with something to suit your wedding decor. Complement this item with tall vases containing simple single flowers or leaves to add an elegant touch.


Think about any children that will be coming to your wedding. Prepare activities for them such as printouts for colouring and have crayons available at the tables where children will be sitting. If you’re having an outdoor wedding and it’s possible, you could have swings and outdoor games available for children. 

Takeaway desserts

Provide takeaway boxes so your guests can take dessert when they leave. Remember to include paper napkins and plastic forks too. 


You can include your pets in your big day by taking a picture of them and using this to hold a sign which displays a message to your guest. Place this sign on your welcome table or near your guest book and watch your guests coo over this special touch.


Usually, it’s flowers that are used to dress a wedding reception table but why not consider using herb plants to add a difference? This would really work if you’re having a daytime reception and will complement wooden tables. 

Polaroid Guest Book 

Allow your guests the opportunity to take a Polaroid picture which can be included in your guest book, along with a special message. Remember to supply tape and special ink pens. 

Wedding favours

Think about different ways of displaying your wedding favours which will work well with the theme of the favour that you have chosen. For example, place natural soaps in a wire basket that has been covered with a towel. Don’t forget to add a nice thank you sign to your wedding favour. 

Display of doughnuts

Aside from a cake table, doughnuts are also becoming a popular sweet item at weddings. If you decide to have a doughnut table, include lots of different flavours and shapes of doughnuts. You could even place your wedding cake amongst your doughnuts disc.


Have containers which have been filled with confetti to hand out to your guests. These can be used for when you leave your reception. Choose confetti that’s made up of colours which complement your bridal party or your wedding theme. 


As beautiful as wedding cake is, cupcakes can be just as appealing. In fact,  in some sense, cupcakes are easier to serve to your guests. You could either display them around your wedding cake or arrange them in tall towers. A nice idea would be to use cupcakes as your cake topper and dress them up so that they look like the bride and groom. 

Lemonade stand

If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding then a lemonade stand would be a nice way to welcome your guests. A lemonade stand could even work if you’re having an indoor wedding. Consider having traditional lemonade, strawberry lemonade or lemon flavoured water. 

Thank you sign

At the exit of your reception, consider placing a thank you sign. This is a great way of saying thank you to the guests that you might not get a chance to say goodbye to when you leave. Have a chalkboard which has beautifully framed to write your message on.

Ribbon wands

Ribbon wands can be used to welcome you into the reception, on to the dance floor or for when you send them off on honeymoon. 

Photo display 

As well as being great containers, mason jars can also be used as wedding accents. Use mason jars to place pictures of you and your family and place these on your welcome table. You can add some nice floral touches around your mason jars to decorate this area nicely. A really nice way to get your kids involved in your wedding day.

As you can see there are plenty of wedding celebration ideas that can add a touch of difference to any wedding. 

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