Look After Your Staff Without Blowing The Budget

Your staff is the most valuable asset of your business and it’s important from a retention view that you ensure that your staff’s productivity rate remains optimal. The success of your business is not only dependent on your customers’ needs but also on the wellbeing of your employees. Though it’s not always easy to motivate people to work, there are some helpful things you can incorporate in your business environment that won’t blow the budget. Here are a few effective ways to look after your staff and encourage their working relationship. 


While there exist numerous rankings in the workforce, it’s crucial that you assemble all different sections in your workplace under one umbrella. Organise corporate activities or games for your staff to help nurture work relationships. Whether it’s a competition, giveaway, staff break or the usual lunch hours are important to keep your staff productive. 

They provide an opportunity for the team to engage with each other, loosen up, and interact without the daily work stress on their minds. Why not get an office lunch delivery service for a lunchtime club? Or you can start a football league. These activities don’t cost a lot and offer a great chance to form a strong bond with your staff. Alternatively, you can organise an after-work night out at the pub that’s close to the workplace. With the right schedule, you’ll be able to implement these plans without blowing the budget.


While you may be handling business affairs and directing staff on the next course of action, it’s important that you get to understand them. Employees need a certain level of understanding and want their concerns to be heard. Morale could be affected if you don’t provide the chance for them to express their problems.

Consider installing a suggestion box at the workplace. It creates a chance for all kinds of inputs without reprimanding anyone. Or you can set up a brief one-on-one meeting with staff members so they can discuss their dreams and plans in life. When you pay attention to staff, you’ll be able to understand their needs and apply their aspirations to help your business grow.


The normal routine of regularly attending work and completing all tasks in a timely fashion is necessary to maintain a good workflow. But it’s also helpful to introduce flexibility. A majority of employees admire the benefit of self-designated working hours and will be happy to be a part of it. Allowing staff to work from home or in other assigned locations can create a huge impact on some people. It boosts your staff’s productivity level, morale and loyalty to the company. In effect, you’ll be helping your staff to have a better work-life while achieving your business goals.


Though giving criticism to employee action helps nudge them in the right track, it’s also helpful to recognise their achievements as well as their work performance. Talk to them individually and explain that you’re aware of their journey and where they are likely to reach. You can offer fair compensation for good performance as a way to boost productivity and motivate them even more. This doesn’t have to be expensive in any form, it can simply be a wrapped mug or organiser. In the long run, the increase in staff retention rate will reduce the expenses tied to outsourcing, hiring and training new employees. Establishing a strong company culture and workplace is also of great importance.


Strong communication and trust with staff are two key elements to running a successful business. It’s important to inform the team about the business plans. It’s helpful to talk about the company’s future and objectives for the upcoming months. This act will make staff feel appreciated and prove to them that their labour is geared towards a fruitful result for the company. 


All companies have a different budget for rewarding staff for a good performance, however, the recognition is usually the main requirement to brighten up someone’s day. Bearing this in mind, it’s probably best to introduce a staff recognition programme. It can be an “employee of the month” where staff members get to vote and the winning employee receives a trophy. Or you can set up an online scheme where each employee has the chance to nominate a colleague for a sheer display of the company’s important values. The prize can be a day-off from work, extra lunch hour or a bottle of wine. Employees value praise and gratitude so recognition doesn’t require a long exercise. Just a simple thank you can go a long way. There is a sense of comfort and appreciation that is felt when those words are heard. 


While performing your duties as an employer, it is important that you evaluate the opinions of your staff. When you team up with employees, you’ll be able to communicate with each member about your concerns and request for feedback. Try to allow problem-solving to come into play. By including your staff in company decisions, your staff will be able to contribute innovative ideas that will help grow your business. Try alternative solutions and test run them together. Doing this helps create a sense of ownership and growth while helping your staff understand their challenges. You’ll also be able to create a safe environment for staff to express their thoughts for the company. 


Whether you’re an employer or employee, maintaining a work-life balance is a common goal that should be achieved. While accepting the importance of work, you should also understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Display good character by not keeping a record of all the good and bad results your staff have made. Always remember to stay positive and ensure that every employee is working towards achieving a common goal which is the success of the company.

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