Best Flower Options For Autumn Weddings

Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation bouquet or mother’s day flowers, flowers are a crucial element. If you’re getting married in autumn then aside from creating a wedding list which may include vouchers, a commemorative gold kiwi coin or an experience day, one other major element that you will need to consider are the best flower options. Summer weddings will have had vibrant and bright flowers, but when the autumn kicks in, the flowers turn a bit more mellow and cooler autumnal shades can be used. Your autumn flowers may also contain fruits, berries and seasonal foliage which all add character and element of texture. Below we will highlight some autumn wedding flower ideas.

  • The month 

The autumn month that you decide to get married can have an impact on what flowers to choose for your wedding. Autumn is a very popular time of the year to get married. The leaves start falling and change colours and the colours of these leaves add real warmth to the season. 

  • A September wedding:

Amaryllis is an excellent choice for an autumn wedding flower. These flowers vary when it comes to the shade, from deep red to bright orange. The star shape of this flower also stands out and will make a real statement to your wedding bouquet. You could even consider having your bridesmaids dressed in red to add a real pop of colour to your wedding. 

If you prefer a cooler colour then consider Aster. These flowers look similar to daisies and can be found in blue, pearl, or white and are ideal if you prefer a more pastel coloured flower choice. Asters would work well for a flower bouquet as well as for table centrepieces.

  • An October wedding :

If you’re getting married in October and you would like a contemporary look then consider using Calla lilies. The flute-like shape of these flowers will look elegant if used on their own or they can be mixed with other filler flowers i.e  Gypsophila. Another option would be to use Freesias if you’re after a more delicate flower. Freesias are beautifully scented and you can choose them in purple, pink, yellow and red. As they are available in so many different colours, they are a good option to suit different colour schemes.

  • A November wedding: 

A lot of flowers are harder to get hold off during November as many flowers go into hibernation. One option that you have is Gomphrena. These are small but beautiful and will look spectacular in a bridal bouquet. Another option would be to use Amazon Lily’s which have pretty drooping heads. These flowers will compliment a frosty autumn wedding and will work well as part of an understated bouquet as well as in a flower arrangement mixed with green foliage.

  1. Welcome the season

If you’re a bride that really wants to embrace the autumn season then consider autumn flowers which reflect autumnal colours. When speaking to your florist ask them to include flowers which have an earthy tone. For example, Calla Lilies are a great flower to use in an autumn wedding as they can add a nice element of structure to your bouquet design. Another option would be to use Roses as these bring a nice amount of texture to flower arrangements and bouquets.

  1. Halos

Even if you’re not getting married in the summer, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a flower crown/ Halo. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, as autumnal colours and textures give you more scope when it comes to creating the perfect flower crown. Consider combining berries and roses to your halo.

  1. Pumpkins

If you want to add an element of fun to your wedding flowers and you’re getting married around Halloween, consider using large pumpkins as part of a large design at your wedding venue. Smaller pumpkins can be used as part of your table settings. 

  1. Berries

In an autumnal bouquet, berries are perfect. If you prefer not to use fresh berries, there are some amazing fake berries as well as dried fruits which look as good as real berries. This is especially when they’re mixed in with seasonal foliage and fresh autumn flowers.

  1. Inspiration

If you’re looking for some inspiration before you head to your florist then consider combining the below flowers for your bouquet::

  • A Touch of tangerine

Combine the following flowers: wine scabiosa, peach peony roses, hypericum berries, green agonis and Queen Anne’s lace.

  • Pretty in purple

Combine the following flowers: peach and cream roses, soft pink and burgundy ranunculus, labs ears leaves, agonis, brunia berries, wine astilbe and burgundy scabiosa. 

  • Be bold

Combine the following flowers: Combine the following flowers: blue thistle, trailing amaranthus, pink ice protea, peach peony roses and Clooney ranunculus.

  • Boho inspired

Combine the following flowers: trailing ivy, twigs and feathers, clematis, privet berries and cream roses.

  • Keep it natural

Combine the following flowers: thistle, seed pods, ranunculus, berries, cedar, cotton and lambs ears leaves.

  • Simply elegant

Combine the following flowers: zinnias, cream dahlias, astilbe, cream roses, autumnal leaves and snowberries.

  • Pair up blue with burgundy

Combine the following flowers: privet berries, cream roses, burgundy Cymbidium orchids, autumn leaves and blue thistle. 

There’s plenty to take into account when it comes to thinking about the best flower options for your autumn wedding. Autumn is a beautiful season, full of colour and perfect for a wedding. Don’t think that summer is the only month for weddings as you don’t have to lose out on colours when it comes to the perfect flowers for your special day. 

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