5 Tips On How To Make That Office Event Just That Little Bit Classier

Organising your next office event may be down to you, and the one aspect that you have been told to incorporate is to make it that little bit classier.  When it comes to organising an event, there’s lots of organisation to consider. Whether it’s booking a function room for a birthday party, searching for affordable event venues, finding good restaurants for business meetings or organising an office lunch delivery service, there is plenty to think about. So, when it comes to adding a touch of class to an office event, you need to take the following tips into account.

  1. Dress code

It may be worth thinking about having a dress code for your office event. By having a dress code you can turn a smart casual office event into a classier, office event. You could think about having a black-tie event. This will add a touch of glamour as well as an element of sophistication. Alternatively, you could host a royal event. It is well known that the royals throw the most extravagant of parties, so add a touch of regalness to your party. Consider colours such as purple and gold and use these to decorate your office event when it comes to aspects such as flower arrangements and chandeliers. Just make sure that you are clear and concise with what the expectations are with regards to the dress code.

  1. Catering and refreshments

When it comes to the drinks, this is an important aspect to give some thought to. The refreshments that you choose can help to create a good social connection as well as a comfortable sense of comfort. You could consider hiring a mobile bar as this will look much more aesthetic and classier than going for a ‘bring your own bottle’  type of event. When it comes to catering, instead of going for a seated option you could consider having a spit roast which is self-service. Again, this will look aesthetically appealing and also provide more opportunities for social interaction. Other options could include:

  •  Indian street food
  •  savoury crepes
  •  hot chicken
  •  Korean tacos
  •  American road trip
  1. The structure of the event

Consider adding some structure to your office event. For example, make it clear when the catering will be provided or when a specific focus in the event will take place. You can make your structure as flexible or rigid as you wish, but make sure you consider and respect any rules related to the services or venue that you are using. 

  1. Theme

If you want to make sure that your office event is classy as well as memorable then consider adding a theme to your event. Something as simple as getting everyone to wear a masquerade mask can add an element of fun to an event. Or how about one of these ideas?

  • Pick a colour theme. For instance, black and white would be classy and it enables people the chance to dress up. If your office event is around Christmas then you could consider red and white and incorporate this into the decor ie link it to the colour of your tablecloths and chair covers when you book your tablecloth and your chair cover hire.
  • Choose a particular movie as a theme for your office event.
  • If you have lots of international employees then maybe use some of their traditions and incorporate them into your party. Speak to your employees and get them to give you some ideas that you could use.
  • Choose a popular decade or alternatively get all employees to vote on a favourite decade.
  1. Photo booth

Set up a photo booth for your event so employees can create their own special picture moments. If your budget does not allow you to rent out a photo booth then you could be creative and make your own

  1. Door prizes

A fantastic addition to any office event would be to welcome all guests with a door prize.  Consider door prizes which employees will appreciate and that suit your budget. Some ideas include:

  •  tickets to a show or a game
  •  expensive chocolate
  •  tech gadgets such as a pedometer
  •  an extra paid day off
  •  gift cards
  •  coffee/ tea mugs which are pre-loaded with coffee/tea bags, sweets or other treats.
  1. Entertainment

If you have some good entertainment at an office event you will see how you can  take your event to the next level. You can add a touch of class by hiring a band or a performer that may link well to the theme of your party. If you do decide that you want to use entertainment in your event, then make sure you organise this in advance as if you leave it too late, you may struggle to find someone who is available to entertain at your office event. 

  1. Planning and preparation

Finally, in order to make sure that your office event has that bit of class, you need to make sure that you plan and are well prepared for your office event.  For your event to be successful, make sure you:

  • have a master plan in mind
  • be aware of your audience
  • maintain a good level of communication between everyone who’s involved
  • create numerous copies of the timeline of your event
  • stick to your budget
  • make sure you have a confirmation checklist
  • have an agenda in place
  • plan for every eventuality. 

By taking all of these tips into account, you will be able to ensure that your office event runs successfully whilst also having that little touch of class. 

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