The Most Instagrammable Summer Activities

This year, summer will not rhyme with idleness! You have decided to make the best of your holidays by feeding your Instagram with photos of your activities. But since you want to get prepared, we have browsed Instagram for you to find which activities are the most instagramable, helping you to get those likes and comments! Here is our top 12 of the best summer photos…

Departure on holidays: what do I put in my suitcase?

My Victoria’s Secret swimsuit, my Chanel sunscreen, my J Brand shorts, my Céline bag… Whether you go to Bali, Trouville-sur-mer of San Francisco, you should not miss the classic photo of your best travel items. Of course, the suitcase is of utmost importance. For the best photo, borrow a Louis Vuitton suitcase, even though it won’t be the one you’ll bring along! Keep in mind that it’s just a photo. #allset #holidays #departure #soexcited 

Arrival at the airport: where are my tickets?

Some people don’t hesitate to taunt their friends by instagramming their plane ticket to a heavenly destination. So why shouldn’t you? But you might not want to do the same as most of the Instagram crowd. Add a fancy touch by displaying a bit of foreign money that you’ve exchanged before your trip. Some green dollars or Indonesian rupiah always look good on a picture. #readytogo

Holiday destination: I’m on the plane!

You can’t have missed your friend’s photo on Facebook and Twitter announcing their imminent departure for Ibiza. Why don’t you do the same on Instagram? Remind your followers that you are going on vacation with the classic photo of the airplane wing in full flight! That way they’ll surely be expecting the next photos of your trip. #hereweare #flyingaway

I got there: what a view!

In recent years, social media has replaced the traditional postcard. And among the photos that come the most on Instagram is of course the photo of “the view from my hotel room is amazing”! So why not indulge in this now classic one to show your followers how great your life is at this moment. #hotelview #paradise

The bikini photo

It’s sunny and it’s hot. Time to put on your favourite swimsuit… and take the opportunity to have your photo taken on the beach! Remember that even if you don’t have flat abs for the summer, be confident and keep the haters at bay #sexy #beach #bikini

The feet picture

Taking a picture of your feet does not mean you are a fetishist! But you will rapidly see that a lot of your followers are! This classic photo is very appreciated by Instagramers, as it showcases you in a relaxed position in the water, in the sand, or in the grass when on vacation. #chilling #zen #relax

Time to get a tan

Laying on your towel, you should show how much you enjoy your vacation. This well known photo is often used for “hot dogs or legs” on Instagram, and it’s time for you to try and confuse your own followers! The best position is on your back with your legs bent into the sand. This is the perfect beach photo as can attest the many Instagram accounts with a similar picture. #sun #gettingatan

The ice cream picture

Ah, the ice cream… What would your followers sitting in an office not give to enjoy a raspberry cone at the beach! Do not hesitate to make them dream with photos of frozen delights. Make them fall in love with sweetness when they are supposed to be on a diet… #icecream

Show how beautiful your pool is!

The best of the best in summer is chilling in a swimming pool filled with clear water, a cocktail in one hand, a book in the other. There are plenty of pictures to take. Near the pool, on an inflatable buoy, jumping into the water, splashing around. Let your imagination be your guide for what’s gonna be the most iconic photo of your entire summer! #swimming #pool

Breakfast time

Breakfast time is no time to relax! Whether it’s brunch, an English breakfast, or a healthy bowl of muesli, breakfast photos count amongst the most instagrammable. Don’t forget to click the turmeric latte or the cold brew coffee with a heart shape on the cream. If you prefer tea, you can always order one afterwards. So why won’t you indulge in the classic breakfast pic? #breakfast #goodmorning #sunnyday 

Dinner time : the local specialties

Breakfast is not really the most typical thing to post on Instagram. Make sure you go to local restaurants to send a taste of the local cuisine to your hungry followers. If you have vegan followers, avoid sending pictures of roasted frogs and crickets if travelling around Thailand. Or at least, take a photo for your personal use rather than horrifying your followers! When looking at the menu, try asking your server to recommend some beautifully arranged platters to choose from. Sharing platters look really good and can make for a great photo of your group around the platter, authentic Vietnamese food will show that you are not afraid of discovering new flavours. #yummy #localfood 

Action time

You don’t want to show your followers that you spent your summer doing nothing! Summer sports like paragliding and snorkelling make for the best summer pictures. You can even go for amazing sports videos with a GoPro camera, even though the ride is bumpy. Get ready for non-stop notifications after your post yourself riding electric mountain bikes with a hot coach behind you. #adventure #emotions

Keep in mind that with all these amazing photos you’re posting throughout your summer, you may gain a few haters along the way. But as we like to say, only spread the love, and keep the haters out of your summer this year! 

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