Valentine’s Ideas For 2020

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re struggling for ideas then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps this year you want to do something a bit different, as well as arranging a flower delivery of valentine roses you may want to consider something out of the ordinary that you’ve never tried before. Therefore, below we will provide you with some new ideas that you may not have previously considered to woo your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

  • Cooking up a storm

Usually, you may head out to dinner for Valentine’s Day but this year you could consider doing a couple’s cooking class. This will give you both the opportunity to learn new meals that you can cook together or it could be that you can go and cook your favourite meals together.

  • Create a scrapbook

Even if you’re not very crafty you will get something out of making a scrapbook of your relationship. Collect tickets, receipt and photographs to create a book of your relationship together.

  • Painting a masterpiece

If you and your partner are interested in doing something creative this Valentine’s Day then you could spend time together at a paint and sip class. This basically involves painting whilst enjoying a glass of wine

  • Getting creative with chocolate

Rather than buying chocolates this Valentine, you could make chocolates.  What you will need to do is find a local masterclass for chocolate making and go along with your partner.

  • Unwind with yoga

Yoga is not just great for our body and minds, it’s also great for our relationship too.  Spend time stretching out your limbs and enjoy spending this time together away from the home.

  •  Explore a bar crawl with a difference 

We’re not talking about a pub crawl, but a more sophisticated, elegant bar crawl. Go to different wine bars and order food such as tapas to enjoy together. This is a far more interesting way to spend Valentine’s evening together, rather than sitting in one place.

  • Get messy with pottery

Visit your local pottery studio and get messy while you create a lovely piece of pottery together.

  •  Skate the night away

If you want to get up close and personal with your partner then hit the ice rink on Valentine’s Day. After spending time ice skating together, end the evening with a nice hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine.

  •  Hit the road

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a specific destination in mind, get in your car and hit the road for an adventure.  You don’t need to have a specific place in mind, just see where the open road takes you both.

  • Sensual massages

Get some candles and set the mood. Play some romantic music and make sure you have a nice smelling body oil. Spend Valentine’s evening giving each other a nice relaxing massage.

  • Watch the sun

It could be the sunset of the sunrise, depending on what time you will be together. Consider going to the mountains or the seaside to spend quality time with your loved one watching the sunrise or sunset.

  •  Museum by night

If a local museum is open until late on Valentine’s day, then there’s a good chance that there may be a special event on in the evening. This event will probably include chocolates, champagne/ cocktails, dinner party catering and live music. All of this really adds to the Valentine’s evening atmosphere.

  • Create a bonfire

A simple and romantic idea would be to have a bonfire. All you need is a fire pit, some chocolates and marshmallows and you could spend Valentine’s evening cuddled up in your back garden by the fire. 

  • Couples night

If you have friends who are couples, then why not get together and have an evening of competitive fun.  Play card games or board games and see which couple come out top. If you want to splash the cash you could look into function venues and organise a valentines theme party.

  • Laugh yourself silly

If you both enjoy live comedy then consider going to a comedy show to laugh the night away together.

  •  Relive your first date

This Valentines night, go back to your first date and have a trip down memory lane together.  If you’ve got a good memory, then order and eat the same food that you had together on your first date.

  • Chill and relax 

A very popular way to spend Valentine’s Day is to go to a spa. You will find there are lots of Valentine’s Day special spa days available. You could simply go for a massage together or alternatively have a full spa day which includes dining and drinks.

  •  Movie binge

If you love to spend time watching movies together or simply never had the chance to do so,  get the popcorn ready and curl up on your couch to binge on your favourite movies together.

  • Glamorous glamping

If you don’t want to go to a hotel this year and you want to try something a little different then consider glamping. This will give you the opportunity to spend time together with nature and get cosy in your tent when the sun goes down.

  • Heartfelt love letters

If you’ve never put pen to paper before, then maybe this Valentine’s you could do so. Create a love letter for your partner explaining why he/ she means the world to you. Write down how they make you feel, what qualities you admire about them the most and what made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Looking at the list of ideas above, there’s no reason why this valentines day you will struggle for ideas and come up with something new and creative to do with your loved one. 

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