10 Party Trends For 2020

If you’re planning a party, for either adults or children and you are not sure what will be trending in 2020, then keep on reading. We will highlight some of the trends that were popular in 2019 and will continue to be popular in 2020. 

  • Food decor

Food that’s so tasty that you want to eat it it will be a popular trend in 2020 when it comes to dessert catering. Add plums to a plum themed party or peaches to a peach coloured party. The trend is to use food as something more than just something that’s eaten. Fruits and vegetables will be weaved into flowers so that all the senses can be aroused.

  • Firework displays

If you’re looking for corporate event ideas then there’s nothing quite like fireworks as part of any party event or and next year cold fireworks will enable you to light up your party event without any hassle. Fireworks can be used both indoors (in certain circumstances and with the right type of fireworks) and outdoors. 

  • Smoke bombs

Colourful smoke bombs will be on trend next year, particularly during wedding ceremonies.  These bombs of colour will help to produce beautiful artistic pictures and are ideal for an outdoor party.

  • Botanical cocktails

It’s always nice to be able to bring the outdoors indoors and now you can do this when it comes to party cocktails. It’s not just wedding where you will see wedding flowers, add flowers to your cocktails and include sprigs of herbs, citrus peel and mint leaves for an elegant and simple touch to your drinks. 

  • Game of Thrones

Many of us are still in shock that the Game of Thrones has now finished and will be no more. If this is how you are feeling then consider creating a party based on the Seven Kingdoms complete with mandatory dressing up. 

  • Bring back the old

Technology is forever changing and developing, however, some trends may not have moved that much. Occasionally we can look back at the past and feel warm and some charm. In 2020, we may see vintage typewriters appearing at party events. These will be used to create notes for a newlywed couple or individual seat labels.

  • Vertical pictures

Many party photographers and taking pictures in a vertical, mobile-friendly way as opposed to the traditional horizontal photography of the past. These days, everything is created with mobiles in mind and if you have access to Pinterest or Instagram it’s clear what we are saying.  With vertical shots, pictures can concentrate on specific elements and people as opposed to a panoramic view. 

  • Llama party

Unicorns are still very popular but llamas seem to be increasing in popularity and taking over both mermaids and unicorns. Don’t be surprised to see llamas popping up everywhere when it comes to parties and decor.

  • Photography

Photo booths have become very popular as an extra in a party. Next year, however, photo booths will change somewhat and become even more a part of an event. Look for experimental photo ops which will allow your guests to get themselves involved using backdrops and props which link to your party’s theme. 

  • Charcuterie inspired

Charcuterie boards consisting of meats, fruits and cheese will be popular in 2020, For example, combinations of meat and cheese will be displayed on individual platters or platters running down the centre of a table will be popular in 2020. 

  • Personalised desserts

Mini desserts will continue to trend in 2020. This is a great twist on the usual wedding cake.  Now your guests will have their own personal desert and not have to wait for a slice of the traditional wedding cake. You could even consider getting gift baskets online if you want your guests to be able to take their personalised desserts home.  

  • Winding tables

Round tables have always had a charming appeal and rectangular tables are a classic favourite at all parties. However, a new shape of the table has now emerged. Tables that are long and winding will add curiosity and glamour to any party table.

  • Balloons

Balloons are no longer there just for children’s parties and are now a popular trend at many parties. If you are having a party next year, then consider creating balloon decor. For example, you could consider using lots of white pillows to create a cloud ceiling or metallic balloons attached to a wall to create a celestial feel.

  • Drapes

In the past, drapes have been used to create backdrops and to hide aspects in corporate event venues that may have been a bit unsightly. These days, party planners are using drapes to define party spaces.  For instance, drapes are being used as an entrance or to create an intimate seating area.

  • Outdoor chandeliers

The outdoors is a natural party setting, however, you can always add to the outdoors by including outdoor chandeliers. There’s nothing quite like a party setting under the moon and stars and including chandeliers to an event which has lounge areas and cocktails will just finish off a party nicely. 

  • Countable cakes

Number cakes are on the increase and number-shaped cakes will continue to increase in popularity in 2020.

  • Sustainable party decor

When you’re planning your party makes sure that you look to use sustainable party decor as this is a great way of reducing waste for us as we are conscious of our carbon footprint. Look to use locally sourced food, real cloth napkins and non-disposable plates and cups. When considering party favours, perhaps create your own crafts as these will help to reduce wastage and will also help you to use the unusable products in your house which will aid with your recycling. These will all help you to make your party sustainable in 2020. 

2020 has lots of party trends in store for us, so make sure you consider some of these trends when you plan your next party.

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