Latest Trends In Party Catering

It is necessary to make sure that you are up on the latest trends in party catering. After all, any events that you are catering for are not just about the food, it’s about everyone being together and sharing the experience of eating together. If you don’t keep up to date with the latest trends then any event that you are catering for will be lacklustre, and will fail to impress your customers. It is worth speaking with your customers and finding out what kind of dishes or cuisine they are after. If you want to step it up, you may want to appoint a popular chef to create the menu required.

These days, customers are interested in trying out new foods and trends, hands-on cooking and interactive cooking which are also increasing in popularity, for example, cocktail making and sushi-making classes. Quite clearly, the world of party and event catering has changed.  Catering has become an important part of the whole event. You have to make sure that your food not only tastes out of this world, but it also needs to look spectacular too. Any menus that you create also need to work with the decor and the whole party experience. 

Below we will highlight some of the trends for you to take into account to make sure that you are up to date with the latest trends in party catering.

Venues and Drinks 

It is clear to see that food has become big business and the choice you have to pick from in Auckland is huge. For instance, Asian fusion Auckland, a Vietnamese restaurant or if you are just looking for banquet catering in Auckland, the choices we now have can suit everyone’s tastes. If you are an events organiser for your employer, you can now make looking for corporate conference venues more fun as you can add different food choices to the menu which will make your events and parties more memorable. The same can be said for hot drinks. The world loves tea and coffee so looking for the best coffee beans in NZ and coffee delivery in Aucklandwill help you have the very best when it comes to deciding on your hot drinks menu.

Portion sizing

Small portions always impress, so any sweet food needs to be served in bite-sized portions.  You could consider pairing food with specific drinks and displaying these effectively. If you offer small portions, people are able to try everything without feeling inundated with food.

Cocktails and spirits

At a party, guests are looking for drinks that are different from what they can normally get a hold of. Try wine and beer from local micro-breweries and wine merchants for a truly local experience. When it comes to cocktails, remember to include a specific non-alcohol cocktail in the mix. Non-alcoholic cocktails using spices, flowers and fruit are ideal.


You need to design your menu carefully. Regardless of the party, you are catering for, you need to ensure that you have healthy options included in your menu. For example, a menu that includes low-fat meats (i.e lean cuts of pork, beef, chicken or turkey), foods that are high in protein (i.e eggs, oats, milk, cheese ) and offers whole snacks (i.e edamame, vegetables and fruits). A menu also needs to include whole grains i.e. brown rice, bulgar wheat etc and superfoods such as avocados and grains.

Cuisine related to the destination

This has been a huge trend lately, and you could consider creating culinary experiences or sessions related to different cultural niches. It’s a very simple way to create an impact on your customers and highlight local food delights. The overall aim is to give your customers a taste experience that they won’t be able to get in another place. Remember to source food locally as this will help to save money and it will also be sustainable. 

Food wastage 

Sustainability is a big priority in 2020, with concerns regarding climate change on the increase. Aspects such as renewable and biodegradable packaging and tip to tail eating need to be considered. Also, food products need to be sustainable and locally sourced to reduce transportation times and therefore reduce our carbon footprints. Ideally, choose foods that are in season and can be sourced locally. Any leftovers need to be donated to local food shelters.  Recycling also needs to take place. 

An inclusive menu

Dietary restrictions and allergies seem to be on the increase and it’s important to consider these aspects so that all guests are catered for. You may need to have specific menus that take into account halal,  kosher, nut allergies and gluten-free options. Plant-based foods are also on the increase as are organic and natural foods. Consumers are looking for foods that encourage mental and emotional health i.e turmeric and mushrooms. 


Consider having a tea area which offers different kinds of tea that provide various health benefits. For example, you could offer floral teas including rose and lavender as a healthy option for those that wish to reduce the amount of alcohol that they consume.

Food as the highlight

The party that you are catering for may want food to be the highlight of the event. Therefore, you could make it so that food becomes an activity at the party. For example, an interactive cooking class in a professional kitchen. 

Finally, the menu that you choose can say a lot, so it’s down to you to decide what you want your menu to say. Consider all of the above carefully to ensure that you are up to date with all the latest trends when it comes to party catering, so that your next event really hits the spot. 

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