Planning your wedding party is one of the most personal and important aspects of your wedding planning process. It sets the stage for the entire party and will not just include people that will assist in planning your wedding but will also include those that will stay by your side as you walk down the aisle to say your vows.  It’s not a bad idea to frame things up as you begin to plan your wedding party. Try to visualise and look at things from the perspective of your guests. What do they need to enjoy a fun time? Of course, you would want your wedding party to suit your taste and personality but at the same time, you’d also want to give your guests a reason to remember your wedding party. Here are some tips you can use to plan an amazing wedding party your guests will remember.


Make sure your wedding party venue is decorated beautifully and also looks inviting. This involves hiring event decorators to decorate the space and in most cases, a florist to select the suitable flowers. You may need to add additional decor such as draping and handmade persian rugs to make the space visually appealing. You can search online for Morrocan rugs for sale will get you started with the best available options. Other items you may need include tables and chairs alongside table linens to give them a beautiful appearance, flatware, and beautiful dishes your guests will need to enjoy their meals. You can hire a rental company to help if your venue may not be able to help with your event styling in Auckland.


This is the part where you return the favour. Your guests may have come a long way or sacrificed in one way to make your wedding party a successful one. Even attendance alone should not be overlooked. So you can make your guests feel appreciated by providing gifts such as cake pops, picture frames, journals, or even cookies. You can also search for gifts plants online, they can be given to your guests as a symbol of appreciation. Visit a nearby gift registry in nz to make arrangements of the necessary gifts you want to give your guests.

There are other ways you can make your guests feel appreciated.  You can either place printed thank-you notes at each table or you can decide to make a gratitude speech at the closing of the ceremony. These are all good ways to show you’re thankful.


You may have the most stunning and expensive wedding but if your guests get an unforgettable experience they will probably not remember your wedding party as a memorable one. When selecting a venue for your wedding, ensure you consider some factors that may be in the way of your guest’s comfort. Some examples include a convenient restroom, enough parking space, climate control as well as ensuring the venue is spacious enough to accommodate all your guests without them getting uncomfortable.

If you decide to do an outdoor wedding, you should also ensure your chosen venue has an alternative space inside just in case of an unforeseen weather change. You can decide to call it your plan B and be sure you don’t overlook it because it’s a critical factor.


There are certain factors to consider when planning for the food you will serve guests. Most of them will probably hungry and if the food should run out, it could turn a hungry guest to an angry one. You wouldn’t want your guests to leave right in the middle of your wedding party and run to the nearest restaurant they can find food. As you choose a menu, consider ways to offer your guests something truly heartfelt and also bear in mind that some guests may have dietary restrictions or allergies, so be sure to discuss with your caterer to find suitable options. If you’re having a sit-down wedding dinner party, it will be best to have printed menus placed at each table. You also have to decide if there will be a buffet service or plated meals will be served at the table. There are many other options so ensure you run these by your caterer.


Pictures and videos of your wedding party aren’t just important for you and your future partner, it’s also a big deal for your guests too. They will want to watch your videos and relive all the sweet memories of your wedding party. So it’s important that you hire an experienced photographer and videographer who will take great photos and videos that impresses them.


If you decide to place a separate small table for your cake, you also need to decide the time to cut your cake. There’s no perfect time here. You can decide to cut the cake during dessert which can be right after dinner or before. The aim is to plan a suitable time to prevent interruptions during dancing. Another alternative is to wait until an hour before closing. It all depends on the time you think is suitable, just ensure your photographer and videographer know your plan so that they can capture the moment you cut your cake.


A common complaint heard from wedding guests is usually when a wedding party is disorganised and off-schedule. It could be dinner was served too late thereby starving the guests. Or maybe the florist forgot to tie your trailing wedding bouquet in Dunedin resulting to further delay. It can also be that most guests missed the cake cutting due to inaudible announcement. This is where you bring in your wedding planners and event coordinators to make sure your wedding party runs smoothly.  It’s best to get as much help as you can so your wedding party doesn’t get out of control.

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