Office Christmas Party? Get Planning Now!

Your colleagues loved the last Halloween success and you are now thinking about doing it again with an office Christmas Party? The end-of-the-year celebrations are the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bonds between team members, reward the employees and improve the sense of belonging to a company.

There is a reason why the office Christmas party should be organised several weeks in advance; it takes a lot of work! Do not panic, we have listed some tips for you to create an office party that will invigorate your troops while giving them an entertaining and memorable night.

Organise your Christmas party in team

Two is always better than one! The organisation of the office Christmas party takes a lot of effort and there is no reason why everything should be on your shoulders. Surround yourself with a team you can rely on or seek outside help. If your budget allows, call on an event company.

With a team to organise the holiday party, have long brainstorming sessions to find the best ideas, and make decisions together. Divide the tasks and conquer! Organising the event together will allow you to put everyone’s strength to good use and make sure you create an event that will appeal to as many colleagues as possible. Make sure each member of the team has a specific role and responsibilities. Prepare a schedule and organise short meetings around a café to plan surprises for the guests of the evening!

Choose a theme and a format

Of course, you can choose to have a simple Christmas party, with food, drinks and music. But having a theme can make life a lot easier and help make your party memorable. A theme is a bit like a guiding idea. It gives you directions for decoration, food, music, etc.. For example, you could choose a murder and mystery party, a gangster party, a casino party, or a tropical Christmas party.

The theme you choose may influence the format of the party. The typical formula when organising an office Christmas party is a buffet and dancing, but this is not set in stone. Maybe a seated dinner with table service would be better? Or maybe a cocktail party would go better with your theme?

Choose the perfect setting

You spend 5 days a week (sometimes more!) at the same place. So, take the opportunity to get your team out of their work environment to get everyone out and let them go crazy!

Do not even think about it, the conference room will not do the trick! At an office Christmas party, the last thing your employees want is to be in the office. You want them to relax in an atmosphere that fosters social exchanges.

A hotel is the first option that probably comes to mind and is one of the best Christmas party venues, but feel free to think outside the box and explore other options. Restaurants, ski resorts, museums, you are spoilt with choice. Let the theme guide you. Be original in your choice of places! Several restaurants and theatres allow groups to privatise certain spaces.

Pick an entertaining formula

No one said that a Christmas party should be limited to a cocktail followed by an exchange of gifts. Break the concept of the classic corporate Christmas party and give your colleagues a truly entertaining night. Why not an Italian Gangsters Party and split your team into mafia families who compete in games to determine who will become the next godfather! You did not know it yet, but Peter from accounting and Julia from Human Resources have a hidden talent for negotiating the transport of illicit goods and wagering on horse racing! Laughter, tricks and new friendships will be at the rendezvous!

Choose an appropriate caterer

No matter what theme and formula you choose, food and drinks are an important part of any office Christmas party.

Make sure there is plenty of yummy food. Delicacies from a Vietnamese restaurant are always a good pick. Don’t forget to consider the different diets of your colleagues. If you have vegetarians among your employees, they will probably want more than just a salad. If someone has an intolerance or allergy to certain foods, they might find themselves unable to eat some of the dishes. Banquet catering can help to provide a variety of options. If you choose a particular theme, it is a good idea to offer a drink that goes with the theme. For example, in a James Bond party, the martini is a must.

The quality of food is not to be neglected for an office Christmas party, and can make it go from entertaining to unforgettable. Several options exist for all your colleagues to feast. Consider original options for caterers, and why not, tasting activities!

Plan the evening

The only things that should be improvised on the night of the Christmas party are the anecdotes between colleagues. Make a schedule of activities that will take place beforehand. Plan enough time to set up the decoration, the meals, and the karaoke performances.

In addition to helping you relax, establishing a schedule will allow you to enjoy the evening knowing that everything has been planned in advance. To enjoy even more, entrust the complete organisation of your activity to our team! You will be able to unwind yourself that evening and celebrate with your colleagues that Christmas party you deserve!

Make the pleasure last

Who said Christmas Party fun should be just for one night? Create a momentum before the event. Send personalised invitations and use the theme of the evening to create a craze among your colleagues! During the activity, name an official photographer, set up a photobooth or create an Instagram hashtag for the evening to collect memories and immortalise the best moments! A few days later, send your colleagues a link to the photo album or hang the best photos on the wall of the office premises.

These precious memories will help to strengthen the bonds between the team members and keep in mind the laughter when stress will be back at work.

Plan a safe trip home for all

Any good holiday party will likely include alcoholic beverages and it is the social responsibility of any business to ensure that its employees don’t drive home drunk. If they drive, get them the best tonic from an organic coffee shop and a proper dispenser from coffee machine suppliers. Make sure each member of your team gets home safely with pre-arranged transportation back home. You can, among other things, organise a shuttle bus or pre-book taxis. Do not take a chance and let everyone know that nobody will go home safe and happy that night!

Get started now with some of these tips to ensure that everyone has a memorable, safe and fun night at the Christmas party! 

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