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If you’re keen to find out what’s new and trending in the food and lifestyle sector then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a piece of wall art or searching for the best gifts to buy for a special someone, we will highlight the latest happenings with food and lifestyle. 


2019 Food Trends

In 2018 there were so many Korean BBQ places and street-food inspired restaurants such as authentic Vietnamese food which have opened up, and in 2019, these places are still on the increase. However, new food trends are also booming. Below we will highlight the best food trends that you need to try if you haven’t already done so:

Home Grown

Urban gardening, or eating what you grow is on the increase. More and more of us are starting to grow our own fruit, vegetables and spices in our own back gardens and it’s becoming clearer that no longer do you need a large amount of land to do this. In fact, it’s not just growing your own produce outdoor that’s on the increase, home-grown produce indoors is also on the rise.  Products such as lettuce, tomato, potato and corn and spices such as rosemary and basil can all be grown indoors. 


Last year everybody was talking about matcha. This year it’s Moringa. This plant is completely edible and can be added to food as well as drinks. Moringa is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin C.  It’s not a new plant and has always been around, but only recently became popular. In actual fact, Moringa contains seven times more Vitamin C than an orange,  four times more vitamin A than a carrot and it also contains more calcium than four glasses of milk. Moringa is also high in iron and contains 25% more than what spinach provides. 

Keto Inspired Restaurants 

The keto diet has continued to be popular as a way of losing weight and many restaurants are quickly jumping on to this trend. Even many supermarkets have started to provide specific keto inspired foods for people that are following the diet. Some restaurants are now providing products that are zero sugar and low carb

Plant Based Foods

Veganism has gone on crazy this year, especially in the United Kingdom, and has been regarded as the fastest food trend and has been said to be worth over 300 million pounds. 21% of the population states that they are flexitarian and an eighth of Briton’s are either vegan or vegetarian. Many businesses are therefore changing old traditions like afternoon tea catering to accommodate this trend.


We are all now much more aware of wastage and plastic is no longer something of convenience. These days we tend to choose those products that have been packaged cleverly and won’t have a negative effect on the environment. Restaurants are continuing to swap plastic products and the idea of taking your own reusable bags and containers when you shop for vegetables or meat is on the increase. Bags are also changing so that they are made from paper and the trend to continue to be environmentally friendly continues. So, the next time you take your lunch with you to work to a conference centre or out for a picnic with the family, consider your carbon footprint when it comes to packaging.


It’s clear to see that the CBD industry is on the rise and it’s now making its way into the food and drink business.  Many products such as chocolate, coffee and sweets are now infused with CBD. CBD is believed to help with anxiety, stress and pain. Something to consider when you next contact your coffee supplier for coffee beans or for new coffee bean roasters


Nordic Lifestyle Trends

We’ve all heard of ‘hygge,’ the Danish lifestyle idea related to feeling content and cosy with the simple things in life. Well, there’s other Nordic lifestyle trends that are cropping up which all seem to help us justify a more ‘relaxed’ lifestyle. Here’s a few to consider whilst you sit back and chill on your three seater couch:

  1. Morbylanga (Icelandic) 

Creating a new year’s resolution that you know you won’t stick to.

  1. Janinge ( Danish)  

Drunk texting an ex-partner

  1. Framtid (Norweigan) 

Not being honest about flossing to a dentist.

  1. Sagstua ( Greenlandic) 

Skipping exercise classes 

  1. Nordviken (Swedish) 

Not removing make-up before heading to bed

  1. Fjalla ( Finnish) 

Pretending to be interested in others recommendations when it comes to shows on Netflix etc.

Fashion Trends

If you want to shop the biggest street style trends seen that you York Fashion Week then look no further than below:

Utility Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits with a utility feel are great to wear with heels, trainers or boots and are perfect if you’re looking for a lazy outfit. 

Peach and Mint

Pastel colours are hitting the wardrobes, especially peach and mint. Consider mixing these colours with some darker colours.


A huge trend this summer and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.  Neon is cropping up in skirts and sweaters and although it might seem a bit over the top to begin with, wear it with simple clothing and add a small pop of neon to be on trend.

Suit Sets and Checked Blazers

Matching suit sets tend to consist of bomber blazer jacket with a skirt or shorts. These tend to be checked with male inspired detailing. This is a very versatile trend and will work well in all seasons as it can be paired with tights in the winter and sweaters in the autumn.

Hair Clips and headbands

Seen all over Fashion Week,  both hair clips or headbands add a little bit of sophistication to your outfit.

It’s clear to see that there’s lots to consider and take on board when it comes to the latest trends in food and lifestyle at present.


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