How To Create An Industrial Style Look In Your Home

Inspired by the world of workers at the beginning of the last century, the industrial style has been all the rage in recent times – including the use of raw materials, factory-made furniture, and sombre colours. In this article, we decipher this industrial storytelling to help make your home trendy and chic with a retro look!

Get sturdy wood and metal furniture

The industrial style has roots at the beginning of the last century, in the Fordist era, where factory working life had reached a turning point. Manufacturing plants needed robust materials and furniture that would withstand the weather and the repeated use of machinery. In a factory, furniture and objects are primarily functional like retractable lamps and desk stools.

While this type of furniture has long been seen as unfit for a home interior, the industrial trend proved this perception to be wrong. Benches can become sturdy dining tables, with their steel frame and wooden top, the stools can sit around the table or in front of the desk, the chairs can be changed with a touch of bright colour, and even aged for more authenticity.

The good thing with the industrial style is that it lets you mismatch. It’s not a problem if you want to match two chairs or two lights that appear to have nothing in common!

All machines out!

The thing with a factory is to leave all machinery accessible and therefore within sight (and reach). Make it a thing in your home, and divert it to adopt the industrial style. You will find old looking stuff in any home appliances store online! In a kitchen, act all transparent by revealing a large zinc pipe above the furnaces. Let the fine brass pipes that are sometimes found in the interiors run along the walls of your different rooms.

Let the industrial style highlight the raw effects of exposed pipes, furniture damaged by time and rough walls. Stop with the Samsung refrigerator repair and get yourself an old looking fridge. Just beware of the modern foil metal colours, you might want to add a vintage style .Give it a personal touch by painting the pipes yourself. 

Go for the metal in suspended luminaires

If there was to be only one decorative element you absolutely have to adapt for your industrial look, it should be the suspended lights of a factory. Suspended luminaires find a perfect place in the kitchen; you can put three or four lights above the kitchen counter. 

It can also be set up in other rooms such as the bathroom, for instance. You’ll find suspended lights of all sizes and colours, or you can also go hunting for old ones in vintage shops and re-style them. You might like more particularly vintage filament bulbs, left bare, with the wire wrapped around a pole in a room. Everything is allowed, provided that the suspension comes from a factory … or looks like it does!

For an additional touch, you can opt for suspended lights of different sizes or position them at different heights to create a more homey atmosphere. 

Make a glass structure to separate the rooms

This is the perfect trick to separate two rooms, create a semi-open kitchen or set up an office space in a large room. The workshop-style glass structure is a must-have for an industrial style. Mainly made of steel and glass, it gives your home interiors a workshop or factory office ambience. Everyone loves it in the kitchen or to highlight a passage.

It can be made of wood, but you might as well opt for the metal version for an edgier industrial look. One more trick; if black is often what people choose for their glass structure,it can also be painted in white to soften the atmosphere and modernise the factory ambience.

Buy some metal furniture just like in a factory

When you redecorate your interior, choosing the right furniture is essential. For a successful industrial style, get some flagship pieces in furniture stores, such as a massive table with steel legs and a wooden tray. 

You can also go get yourself some other kinds of beautiful metal parts to insufflate an industrial look in every part of the house. With a post office metal desk, a few metal chairs, a couple of lockers in the factory cloakroom or apothecary buffets, one can be immediately transported into the industrial world.

One more decor tip. You might love black for metal furniture but also think about personalising it with a bright coloured accessory, such as a vintage orange or yellow lamp, or a red lamp post.

Leave waxed concrete as your floor

To finish up your industrial decor, use raw materials from the floor to the ceiling. Nothing like a waxed concrete floor, to go with your glass structure and metal suspended luminaires, which are both robust and elegant. You might want to choose the grey or a lighter colour as they remain neutral and go with all the elements in your decoration while giving a factory worker aspect to your interior. The robustness of the floor gives a feeling of longevity, which was sought out for in manufacturing plants. You can use this type of flooring in all the rooms in your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

To warm your waxed concrete in the bedrooms and in your living room, you can play with carpets and rugs. Place them anywhere you want to create cozy spaces.

Go for blinds rather than curtains!

One last industrial tip: Often neglected, the windows are a major part of home decoration. Our trick for an industrial décor is to bet on blinds for your windows, they will set the right tone! If you have large windows, the effect will be even more striking. You will find them in most interior decoration shops. You can opt for blinds with horizontal stripes, but also with vertical stripes, for bay windows for example. 

Implement some of these options to start creating an industrial masterpiece in your own home. Who knows, you might even be able to make your home an event venue hire by the time you’re finished!

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