How To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Date

The most romantic day and night of the year is fast creeping upon us. If you feel that you don’t know where to start when it comes to planning the perfect valentine’s date then fear not, because we will provide you with a simple guide of how to create a perfect day for your loved one.

Be Well Organised

There’s nothing worse than leaving things until the last minute as all this means is that you will rush around trying to find a gift or make plans and probably end up feeling disappointed with what you’ve achieved. If you plan in advance then you will have the time to stop and think of all the small things which make the difference between an OK date and an amazing one. Do your shopping in advance to beat the madness in the shops and if you plan to go out for a meal then book the restaurant of choice at least a month in advance. This way at least when valentine’s day arrives, you won’t be feeling rushed and stressed out.

Before the Date

Send a card to your loved one before the actual date. This will show them that you thought of them and that you are looking forward to your valentine’s date. In the card add a nice message such as ‘Looking forward to our date, my love.’

Prepare Finishing Touches

The restaurant is booked and the gift has been purchased. Now you need to focus on those small things that will make your date extra special. Start getting together and organising:

Romantic music

– Gift wrap

– Chocolates

online flower delivery

– massage oil

– candles

– lingerie

breakfast items i.e. champagne or organic coffee beans for an extra special cup of

organic coffee

If you can get these touches organised in advance, you can make sure that you are relaxed and all runs smoothly and you are in the right frame of mind to enjoy your date when the time comes.

Romantic Homemade Meal Option

You may have decided to book a restaurant but you could consider cooking a romantic meal at home for you both. With a restaurant, the atmosphere and the food are bound to be good but you need to make sure you book in advance and be prepared that it may be expensive. With a home cooked meal, you can personalise the food and unleash some creativity. This, however, will only work if you can cook, as the last thing you want is the meal to be a let-down. If you do decide to cook a meal yourself, then pay close attention to the dessert that you decide to create too. As well as tasting great, sugary foods do release chemicals which create pleasurable feelings.

Make a Whole Day of it

Begin by meeting up in the day, so if you live with your partner it could be that the day begins with breakfast in bed followed by other romantic experiences before dinner. When it comes to the romantic experiences in the day, you don’t have to break the bank with what you do. Ultimately decide on doing something that you both enjoy. It could be visiting a place that is special to you both or an opportunity to try an activity that you’ve both always wanted to do but never had the chance to do it.

Set the Mood

When it gets to evening time, you’ll probably be somewhere that’s private and not requiring a small venue hire for a party! Therefore, this is the time to set the mood. You could use mood lighting and scented candles to create a beautiful aroma. Ideally, try and organise this earlier in the day so when it gets to evening time, there’s not much to do.

Create a Personalised Gift

If you are creative or want to try and do something a little different for your loved one, then you could look at creating a personalised gift for them. instead of buying what you see in the shops you could concentrate on creating something of significance to your loved one. Perhaps create a gift basket of items related to activities that your loved one likes and add some usual valentines’ gifts such as chocolates and teddy bears.

Make the Effort with your Appearance

Regardless of how long you have been together, you need to make sure you look after yourself and your appearance. When you try and look your best you tell your loved one that they mean something to you and that you care about how they see you and you do what you can do make them happy.  

Specific Activities

If you want to do a specific activity but not sure what to do then perhaps consider one of these ideas:

  • Intimate Movie Night

Yes, you can go to the cinema but do you really want to spend your date night with a bunch of strangers? Instead make a special night of it and host your own movie night at home. Get the movie and popcorn ready and snuggle up on the sofa for a romantic movie night, just the two of you.

  • Book a Couples Massage

For the ultimate romantic valentine’s date, book a couples massage at a luxury spa. After your spa you could head to a local winery and indulge in a top end bottle of wine.

  • Ice Skating

Its February and end of school holidays, so why not take advantage of this and get your skates on. Ice skating is a nice, fun way to spend time together on Valentine’s day. After you’ve finished skating, head to cosy café for a nice warm drink.

With all of these suggestions you and your partner are bound to have the perfect valentine’s date this year.

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