Best Holiday Getaways For An Active Family

Sitting on a beach sunbathing is not your family’s thing? You rather be out there together busting your backs. Trekking, rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing, and horse-riding or doing million other things that get your heart racing is on your bucket list? Do the kids light up at the thought of adventure sports? If the answer to all these questions is yes then the active gene runs in the family, and you’ve come to the right place to seek your adrenaline fix. We’ve created a list of best adventure locations or activity – centric vacation spots for you! Get your dairy or flip open your notes app on the phone and start jotting down these hot spots!

Wildlife Spotting

Imagine a majestic lion walking down towards your jeep, he lies down next to your jeep and stretches out in the afternoon sun exposing all its magnetic glory. Nothing leaves kids and adults enthralled like one on one rendezvous with nature’s fiercest and finest. Normally Kruger Park comes to mind when one thinks of an African Safari, however, the smaller reserves of KwaZulu-Natal provide the perfect playing field for curious kids and parents alike. This gives the kiddies a chance to learn animal tracking, bush skills, cultural exchange with the Zulu tribe and much more.

Rainbow tours, Abercrombie & Kent and Wilderness are few of the players who set up excellent tours catering to adventure-loving families. You can pick from their pre-planned itineraries or get one custom made to suit your family and give your clan memories to last a lifetime.


Most people associate Hawaii with long sunbaths on the beach while sipping colorful cocktails, and yes while the island attracts a fair share of leisure travelers, it’s diverse coastline also offers plenty of opportunities for families who like their downtime with a hint of thrill. Ouah in Hawaii during the summers attracts surf-lovers from across the world, the calmer waves make it safe for the children to test the waters. The Turtle Bay Resort is an ideal spot to pick up a skill or two, it offers lessons in surfing, stand-up paddle boating, horseback riding, kayaking and much more. They also of have a list of must-visit historic locations thrown in the mix.


A family favorite, it’s almost a winter-time rituals for folks in many parts of the world. Conde Nast Traveller USA has shortlisted world’s best skiing resorts from across the globe. These are sure to please the mightiest of skiers and snowboarders it covers everything from broad panoramas, big views to deep snow valley, you can browse through the best the world has to offer. Before you head into the white blanket, prepping is mandatory.  It’s essential to take the right measures to get the most of out the activity. Needless to say, gear is important, but so is getting your stance and moves right. We suggest practicing knee exercises for skiing so that your muscles get used to the motion and don’t freeze or rupture during the task. We’ve listed some basic skiing exercises for you to start of with.

The Country Experience

Want to give your family a taste of the farm life? We’ve got the best ranches America has to offer! The best way to keep your brood busy is by having them get their hands’ dirty tending to cattle in the crisp country air away from the humdrum of busy city life. Keep an open mind and get ready for some heavy lifting. After a day of running around the farm, settle down to a cozy local meal with the ranch owners and staff. The stories swapped under a starlit sky by the bonfire will be cherished for years to come.

Underwater Wonders

Our planet is almost 71% water, the oceans hold 95.6% of all of earth’s water, it’s bound to be full of surprises. There’s so much you can do! Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Underwater expeditions, Swimming with sharks and dolphins, Whale spotting, Submarine rides and much more. It’s a whole other world down under. Your brood is sure to appreciate the new perspective. Since you are entering uncharted territory, make sure you ensure all the safety measures are taken care of and then dive right in. We’ve listed 10 best underwater experiences to choose from.

Go local

Holidays don’t necessarily mean busting your budget! There are tons of things that you could do locally, without breaking too much of a sweat. Nature cycle tours are a great way to explore the surroundings and get the gears going. Another brilliant way to get some activity into your leisure time is champing, park by a lake or river for some kayaking. Trekking and nature walks are a great way to connect with the kin without it getting monotonous. And last but not the least, an all-time favourite – Amusement parks! Nothing gets the heart thumping like this one!

Some generic tips to help you plan holidays better especially for kids is to make most of the kid-friendly offers that are often spotted during the off-season. Plenty of places accommodate kids at a special rate to attract families, planning in advance can reap you tons of benefits. Also, it’s important to remember it’s a family you are travelling with, not all members like the same thing or the same activities. Choosing a place that has multiple activity options can be a saviour when it comes to keeping boredom and bickering at bay. Always get travel insurance! Use your miles and loyalty points. And remember safety first. It’s essential to know the emergency contact numbers for the destinations you are travelling to. Lastly, let your hair down, keep breathers between activities to avoid overexertion and let the adventure begin!


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