Best Gifts For People Over 50

If you need to find a gift for some who over 50 and you’re struggling, then you’ve landed in the right place! We’ll provide you with some ideas of different gifts that you can buy for someone who is over 50 years of age.

An Item of Jewellery

Jewellery is a great gift idea for both sexes as there’s plenty of choice out there. If it’s a gift for a 50th birthday then you could push out the boat and perhaps buy designer earrings online or a designer watch online to mark the occasion. If it’s a gift someone who is close to you, you could even consider having the item engraved. Another option would be to buy a piece of jewellery which consists of a birthstone. Find the right birthstone here.

A Bottle of Wine

If you’re buying a gift for somehow who loves to have a tipple then wine would be a great option. You need to consider which wine is the preferred choice of the person that you are buying the gift for. Do they like red, white or rose? There are always great wine delivery options online. Another option would be to buy a bottle of wine that’s been personalised.

A Luxury Hamper

Gift hampers are a great for anyone. A hamper can contain different items such as chocolate, tea, fresh coffee beans, alcohol etc. If you can’t find a hamper to suit then you could always look at creating your own hamper which would be a lovely gift as you’ve put thought into it and spend the time creating it.  

A Driving Experience Day

If you’re looking for something a bit more thrilling then why not consider purchasing a driving experience day as a gift. It is a great gift idea as it’s a way of experiencing some of the world’s best super cars. On an experience day the gift enables the recipient to be able to get on a race track and drive one of these vehicles.

A Pamper Day

Who doesn’t love a good old pamper session! You can consider booking a massage, a facial or a steam/sauna day. It all depends on which of these ideas best suits your recipient. If possible, look at buying this gift for two people so that your gift recipient can take someone along with them to share the experience with.

A Luxury Hotel

A night away is a perfect way to have a mini break from all those normal life stressors. There’s nothing better than spending this night away than in a luxury hotel where you can be wined and dined and indulge in all of the facilities that the hotel offers.

Paintballing Experience

This gift idea may be for the gentlemen but women can also take part and enjoy this gift if they enjoy extreme sports. It could even be bought as a gift which suits the whole family as it’s possible to take part in family paintballing sessions. Plus, paint balling is a great family bonding experience and you’re sure to come out of it with plenty of hilarious stories to share at the dinner table. 

A Personalised Item

If it’s a milestone birthday then as we said above, its nice to mark a gift with the age or date on the item. Consider personalised items such as golf balls, pens, jewellery, wine bottle openers, books and plaques.

Flying Experience

Instead of booking a trip as a gift you could go one step further and buy the experience of flying an aircraft yourself. The experience usually lasts between 30 mins and 60 minutes. In this time, you will get to take control of the aircraft.

An Event

Consider booking an event such as a concert, comedy night or a sporting event as this can be enjoyed with someone else. You could also personalise this gift by picking someone or something that the recipient would really enjoy. i.e. if they like a particular band then aim to get tickets for one of the band’s events instead of tickets for a local event.  

Surprise Party

You could celebrate the individual’s birthday in style by organising a surprise party for them. Go online to look for party rooms for hire as well as party related paraphernalia such as food, drink, entertainment and décor.

A Meal in A Restaurant

It may sound simple but going out for an evening for a meal at a well renowned restaurant would be a great birthday gift for most. As an added extra you could offer to drop and pick the recipient up from the restaurant so that they can relax and have a drink or two.

A Photo Shoot

Photo shoots are a fun way of capturing memories. Consider booking a shoot which incorporates the whole family and not just the individual if you think that would be the preferred option.   

Afternoon Tea

Look at booking afternoon tea in a hotel or restaurant as a birthday gift. Make it extra special by making it a sparkling afternoon tea where you are given a sparkling alcoholic drink upon arrival e.g. prosecco/ sparkling wine.

Chocolate Making Experience

Most of us love chocolate so a chocolate related gift would go down as a right treat! (pardon the pun!)

A Golf Day

Organising a day for a round of golf could be a perfect present for some. Often a gift related to golf includes a round of golf as well as tips which are provided by a professional golfer.

A Personalised Newspaper

A personalised newspaper can highlight and show the recipient what happened on the day that they were born. You can even have a personalised newspaper on your actual 50th birthday as well.

Hopefully by now you’ve made your mind in the gift department and we’ve given you plenty of ideas for what to buy for someone who is over 50.  

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