Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet had a chance to organise a gift for your mum then we are here to help. We will provide you with some gift ideas and we think that hopefully we have enough ideas to suit all mums!

If Your Mum Loves Wine:

If your mum loves a glass of wine then a gift set of wine glasses could be a perfect choice for your mum. Consider what kind of wine your mum likes to drink. Does she prefer red, white or rose? To make your gift extra special you could go online and look for white, rose or red wine case deals. If you’re not sure what wine your mum likes to drink then you could look for a bottle that looks extra special or go for a luxurious wine as she’s not go to be disappointed with that.

If Your Mum Loves Jewellery:

Everyone loves jewellery! Whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to jewellery to find something that will suit your mum.

Whatever item of jewellery you opt for be sure to look into what the latest styles are and also do some research on which brands are world renowned or look for designer jewellery online. To make your gift extra special you could look into getting it engraved, to add that personal touch to it. When it comes to engraving, remember to consider what fonts would suit your mum. Does she prefer something modern or something more traditional? Finally, you could look for a bespoke jewellery box to present your gift.

If Your Mum Loves Coffee:

Most mums love coffee and there are a wide range of coffee related gifts that you could consider as a Mother’s Day gift. First of all, you could consider looking into fresh coffee beans. If you’re not sure of which beans to buy then consider buying beans from these countries:

  • Hawaii
  • Jamaica
  • Kenyan
  • Tanzania
  • Indonesia
  • Central America
  • Ethiopia

Once you’ve selected your coffee beans you could look into purchasing a special coffee mug for your mum, to accompany the coffee beans. There are all kinds of styles of coffee mugs out there to choose from, so go for one that suits your mum’s personality.

If you prefer to not go down the coffee beans or coffee mug option then you could look at getting your mum a coffee gift basket. These are nice little baskets that have been pre-prepared and nicely presented in a package. Many coffee baskets also include luxury foods as well as coffee and you can find coffee baskets which contain biscuits or chocolates for example. A final option for a coffee loving mum would be a new coffee machine.

If Your Mum Loves Flowers:

All mums love a bunch of Mother’s Day flowers on Mother’s Day. If you’re clueless about which flowers to pick we will provide you with a quick guide to suitable flowers for Mother’s Day:

  • Carnations

Carnations are viewed as the original Mother’s Day flower so a good option would be a beautiful bouquet of all carnations. So why choose carnations for Mother’s Day?

The actual name of carnations is ‘dianthus’ which translates as ‘heavenly flower’ in Greek. Carnations have been seen as a flower which signify fascination and love. The different colours that carnations come in also represent different things. For instance, white carnations are symbolic with good luck and light red carnations resemble admiration. Finally, its believed that the Virgin Mary cried over the death of Jesus on an area of ground where pink carnations grew. For this reason, it’s believed that carnations represent the eternal love of a mother.

  • Roses

There’s probably not another flower that’s so heavily associated with legends and traditions as the rose. Although in the past, roses were a flower for Valentine’s day, they have now become more popular as Mother’s Day flowers too. Roses can be bought in many different colours and the different colours also represent many different things. For instance, pink roses represent happiness, red roses represent passion and yellow roses represent friendship. For this reason, roses are a great choice from a son or daughter to their mother on Mother’s Day.  

  • Tulips

The tulips appeal as a Mother’s Day flower seems to stem from their elegant shape. As tulips are traditionally related with new life and the springtime they seem like a good choice for a new mum on Mother’s Day. Pink flowers are the ideal choice for Mother’s Day as they symbolise affection and warmth.

If Your Mum Loves to be Pampered:

If your mum loves to be pampered or if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day present from the kids to their mum, then there are many options for Mother’s Day:

  • Quiet Time

If your mum needs a break, then consider hiring a maid or a cleaner for a week for your mum. If it’s a gift from the kids to their mum then create some chore vouchers for mum to use when she feels like taking a break from the household chores.

  • Breakfast in Bed

If you have kids then you could plan a special breakfast menu for their mum. Serve this on a special plate designed and created for their mum. If you want to splash out on your own mum, then order a meal from your mum’s favourite restaurant for your mum.

  • Spa Experience

A gift certificate for a spa day would be the ultimate gift for relaxation and pampering for any mum. If it’s a gift from the kids to their mum then consider creating your own homemade facial which can be presented in a nicely decorated container.

We are sure that you’ll agree that we have provided you with enough idea to make sure that you can pick out something personal and special for your mum this Mother’s Day.

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