12 Reasons To Have A Winter Wonderland Wedding

When we hear that a couple we know is getting engaged we always expect to see an invitation arriving in spring, in preparation for a summer wedding. However, winter weddings are now becoming more popular and there are various reasons for this. We will take a look at the top 12 reasons why we think a wedding in winter is the most beautiful season to get married.

1. White Wedding

If you are really lucky then you may get a nice dusting of snow on your wedding day. Imagine the scene! It will really make your big day look like a winter wonderland. With white already in the background, remember to not get something like funeral flowers (i.e. white lilies), and go for bold colours.

2. Romantic Evening

As the nights get darker earlier, you can plan your evening party to start sooner and this way you will to get enjoy it for longer. Get the atmosphere going as soon as it hits dusk. Dress up any trees that are outside and use fairy lights to add that magical feeling. Additionally, use candles to light up the outside walkways and if you can afford to do so, then consider ending the evening with a firework display and warm mugs of mulled wine or coffee using Auckland’s best organic coffee beans to add a taste of luxury. This will work in both large and small wedding venues.

3. Stretch Your Budget

If you decide to have a winter wedding then this is an easy bargaining tool as winter tends to be a time of year which is less busy and therefore there is more availability and suppliers are keen to make sales. Search the internet to see what is on offer. When it comes to drinks, you will probably find the best wine deals online as well as deals for other drinks.

4. Availability

As mentioned previously, you are more likely to get the venue of your choice and at short notice if you get married in winter. There is a good chance that you will be able to get married on a weekend and if instead you decide to get married midweek, then you will find that accommodation for your guests is more likely to be available locally and it may be a perfect excuse for your guests to take a short winter break at the same time.

5. Holiday Season

If you plan to get married over the Christmas/New Year period then you will probably find that many of your guests will have already taken time off work. A wedding on New Year’s Eve would also be extra special as you could start the new year as Mr and Mrs. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day in February as well; another perfect romantic winter option.

6. Winter Venues

When you begin to look for a venue consider options which will suit the season. Picture stately homes or castles which have large hallways and beautiful open fireplaces. As your guests arrive, you can serve them warming drinks and this area could also be used later on in the evening as a chill out zone for coffee, tea and cake or even for a nightcap.

7. Tropical Honeymoon

If you get married in the summer then your honeymoon is going to cost more as it is the school holidays. Additionally, places such as the Caribbean will have to be avoided due to the hurricane season. If you get married in winter then this won’t be an issue as this is the best time to visit places such as South Africa, the Caribbean islands and the Maldives.

8. Weather is not an Issue

When you know that you are getting married in winter, you are not going to have to be concerned with the weather as much as you know it is going to be cold and you and your guests will be prepared for the weather and your venue will be indoors too. If it snows on your big day, that would be a bonus too. Unlike getting married in the summer, at least you already know that you won’t have to keep a check on the forecast.

9. Your Wedding Look

It is your big day and you want to celebrate in style. A winter wedding is the perfect excuse to be a winter princess adorned in NZ fine jewelry. Opt for accessories which are forest green, rich plum, scarlet or berry red.

10. Winter Food Menu

If you have a winter wedding then you can choose tasty, warming, comfort food. Imagine spiced pumpkin soup shots or a winter feast including restaurant style rotisserie chicken, roast beef, fluffy garlic and thyme roast potatoes, root vegetables and gravy. Another idea could be to serve hot chocolate with toppings or have a warm cookie bar.

11. Wedding Photographs

Winter scenery creates the most stunning photographs. If you are lucky to have snow on your big day than photographs in falling snow would be just magical and fairy-tale like.

12. Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are more likely to be quirkier and stand out amongst the crowd. As the winter months tend to be fairly neutral, any colours that you add will be sure to pop. Regardless of whether you choose blacks, purples, pale pastels, deep reds, creams or silver, they will all work well with the cold season. These colours can create distinctive and unique wedding invitations which are definitely worth experimenting with. Aside of colours, you can also experiment with seasonal foliage including berries, evergreen and holly.

You can see that a winter wedding would be romantic, magical and budget friendly. Roaring log fires, a dusting of snow, rich sumptuous colours are some of the reasons as to why you could get married in winter and enjoy your special day in a completely different way.

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