Be Mine Valentine: Easy Ways To Surprise Your Love

Oh, Valentine’s day. It’s the one time of year that people either adore or hate with a passion. Some of us tend to dislike the holiday because of the commercialism tied in with it. Others love having an excuse to spoil your partner, and enjoy the romance of it all. Regardless of your stance on the holiday, and if you’re planning on participating this year, you might be realising that it’s actually super hard to figure out what to get your partner!

The best way to wow your love this year, is to surprise them with something unique, something personal, or something special. We’ve done some research for you ahead of time, so you’ve got a few ideas under your belt for how to surprise your partner this year.

Plan a trip for them

Can you imagine opening a gift or a card, and finding out that a whole weekend away has been planned for you? Imagine that you don’t have to do any research, don’t have to book the tickets or make the reservations, and all you have to do is show up and enjoy. Does that sound appealing to you? If you’re like most people, you’d jump at the chance for this!

Spoil your love by finding a weekend that you’re both free, and telling them to set it aside for a surprise. This won’t give too much away, as they most likely wouldn’t expect a whole getaway trip planned! Think of some easy, nearby cities or countryside you’ve both been wanting to visit, and then get planning. For help thinking of some easy New Zealand weekend getaways, try this list.

To help cut down costs, make sure you plan ahead with food, drinks, and activities. For example, if you can get a good deal with a booking agency to book the entire accommodation, travel and activities, then that will be a simple way to go. Otherwise, make sure you buy things like the fine wine online in NZ before you go, and set aside funds for meals out.

Another way to really surprise your love with a trip like this, is to plan a surprise party for them as well. Look at party venues in Takapuna and think up the perfect party. For example, invite your friends to the party for a ballroom dancing class and lovely evening out. Have everyone dress up in their best dress and make it a Valentine’s Day fairy tale of your own.  

Plan a spa day for them

It might be a bit cliche, but we’re going to stop your doubts right now and tell you that just about anyone would absolutely love a spa day planned for them. Depending on what your partner enjoys, consider setting up a package that includes a few different treatments, like a massage, facial and body wrap, so they can spend a few hours being indulgent without having to worry about planning it out. Make sure they’ve set aside a morning or afternoon, and then drop them off and pick them up for the ultimate relaxing few hours. If you aren’t sure how to go about choosing the right spa, try using this helpful guide.

Have a delivered night in

A pretty simple and delightful way to surprise your love is to plan a night in for them. Order online flower delivery to turn up as the night begins, and look up restaurants that deliver in Auckland or wherever you live. Depending on your area, you might even be able to get a dessert delivered to your home as well, reducing the amount of work you need to do on the evening.

Set the mood by pawning off the kids to a babysitter, and finally have that evening where you simply sit, talk, and drink wine until you feel like going to bed. Sometimes the simple but thoughtful evenings that are pre-planned for both of you, are the most romantic of all.

Spoil them

Part of what makes Valentine’s Day fun is doing things for your partner that they might not do for themselves. As mentioned above, a spa day is a perfect way to indulge, but there’s a few other ways to spoil your partner this year that might be a little less cliche if you’re concerned about that.

Think about the things that your partner always talks about but never purchases. Has your partner always wanted a NZ coffee roaster, a fancy kitchen appliance, or that new tool for the garden shed? Maybe your partner has been eyeing up a course in gardening or cooking for a while, but haven’t been able to justify the cost. These kinds of items are perfect gifts to stay within a fairly low budget, but spoil them with something they won’t buy themselves.  

When in doubt, and on a low budget, do the simple things. If your chores don’t usually include things like laundry or taking out the trash, do them this time around! Coming home to a home cooked dinner and a clean house is one of the best feelings and can be done on a zero budget. Instead of a spa day, you can make an at home spa instead, and provide back and foot massages to your partner while they sip on a glass of wine. The options are limitless with a night in like this. Here are some other simple options to show your love on a budget.

Remember that whatever your plans are for this Valentine’s Day, the most important part of the day is simply showing your love to your partner and everyone you love in your life. Sometimes what’s best is to go simple, with a handwritten card or photo album you put together. Put a little bit of time, effort, and love into it, and your partner will remember this Valentine’s Day all year long.

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