Tips To Get Ahead In Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding may feel like a daunting task, but by following our step by step plan of tips, you can put those fears to one side. Read through the next 13 steps to give you a head start on planning.

  1. Be Sure to Plan Your Budget

Before you begin to plan anything, you need to sit down and both consider how much you can afford to spend.  If you have parents or any family members that you think may want to contribute to the costs, then make sure you talk to them nice and early so that you know exactly how much money you have to spend.

  1. Wedding Venue Hire

Once your budget has been decided, you can begin to think about your wedding venue. Before you begin searching for the perfect venue, you both need to decide and compromise on what type of wedding you have in mind – are you looking for a castle, a hotel or a barn? If you are undecided then you could head online and search for ‘event venue hire Auckland’ for some local inspiration. It’s worth bearing in mind that the venue that you choose will have an impact on your wedding date, the number of guests and the location.

  1. Wedding Insurance

This may not be something that you’ve thought of but when you consider that you could potentially spend thousands on your wedding: catering, dress, venue and alcohol etc. it may be worth considering some insurance. Ok, so not the most romantic thing to think of but it will give you peace of mind from the offset.

  1. Your Bridal Party

It could be that you already know who will a part of your bridal party or it could be something that you need to have a think about. If you’re undecided then think this through carefully, you want those people who will be there to support you on your special day. So, once you’ve decided on who will be your maid of honour, your bridesmaids, you best man, your ushers and your page boys and flower girls, remember to consider the cost as you will need bouquets, buttonholes and outfits for your bridal party.

  1. Your Guest List

Before you begin your list you probably already know the key people that you want to invite. You probably need to think about who you will invite to the day part vs the evening part as well, if you’re breaking up the day at all. Another factor to consider is how much you have budgeted to spend per head as this also influences your guest list.

  1. Your Wedding Supplier

Your venue may have already provided you with some recommended suppliers which is great, but it’s also worth expanding your search and looking around so you have all options available to you before you book anything and put any deposits down. The aspects that you also need to consider are:

  • florists to discuss and choose and send your flowers
  • wedding cake companies
  • stationery suppliers
  • photographers
  • As for alcohol, it may be an idea to look in to buying wine online to see if this helps you to keep to your budget.  
  1. Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most exciting aspects of the planning part. Bear in mind that some dresses can take months to make, so allow plenty of time to make sure that you get the dress that you dream of. Once you have decided on your dress you can go on to think about what your bridesmaids will wear and what groomswear will suit your big day.

  1. Your Gift List

Prior to sending out any invitations, you need to think about a wedding gift list. You may not feel comfortable telling guests what you would like, but it usually makes it a whole lot less stressful for your guests.

  1. Sending Your Wedding Invitations

You will need to send out your invites 3 – 6 months before your big day. So, it’s never too early to decide on what style and design of stationery you would like.

  1. Your Honeymoon

Another exciting and fun part of your wedding planning is booking your honeymoon! If you have a budget in place then you can go right ahead and book your honeymoon. If money is of the essence then you could opt for a ‘mini-moon’ for now – a few days to relax and escape together as husband and wife. This way, after the wedding, you can save up for a bigger holiday which will be classed as your official honeymoon.   

  1. Your Table Plan

Once you have our final guest numbers you can make a start on your table plan.  Begin by grouping your guests into family or friends and then decide on who will fit best where. Once you’ve completed your table plan you can get creative and think about how you will display your table plan and what names you will use for each table.

  1. Hen and Stag Night

All being well your bridesmaid and best man will have taken care of this but just check that there’s nothing that you need to prepare, pack, or pay for so you can take this into account in your budget.

  1. Finishing Touches

You’ve now planned all the big things so it’s time to turn your attention to the little things. For example:

  • Who will perform readings at your ceremony?
  • At the wedding breakfast, who will perform the speeches?
  • Choose your wedding songs.
  • Order any ‘thank you’ gifts that you’d like to give out to those who helped plan your special day. Think about buying wine online and sending it as a gift, or other easy online purchases you can send straight to their home.  

Now that we’ve come to the end of our step to step guide and tips on planning your special day, we hope that it has helped and allows you to relax and enjoy the run up to your special day.

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