Top Wellness Trends Of 2019 To Look Into, And Ones You Can Avoid

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what the newest fad diet is, what acupuncture is doing for our health, or what food is suddenly now toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Actually it can be downright exhausting! Part of the reason for this difficulty is that wellness trends change so often and become popular in an instant, then fade away just as fast as they came in. Other trends become famous via a celebrity promotion, but they aren’t founded on substantial facts.

So how do we sort fact from fiction, or look into the wellness trends we should actually consider versus the ones that will fade away as quickly as they came? There isn’t a straightforward answer to that question, unfortunately. But, what we can do is look at some of the wellness trends of 2019 and let you know which ones we think are worth looking into, and ones you can definitely avoid.


Tracking and data

Having more data on just about everything has been a wellness trend that can’t stop, won’t stop. From finding out the ketones in your urine (yes, we’re serious – check out this link for more details), to finding out exactly when you were in deep versus light sleep, to your calorie burn while setting up that badminton net, data is queen. While some data is just interesting rather than helpful, some tests and data gathering kits can be quite helpful, and you should consider looking into them. We’ve listed some of our favourites.

  • Gene testing: Companies like 23 and Me have exploded onto wellness must do lists, and for good reason. 23 and Me claims to be able to test for genetic health risks, like Celiac and Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. It also provides a report on your ancestry, breaking down your DNA into percentages of where in the world you came from.
  • Food sensitivity: Please note that working with a registered dietician will always be preferable to completing your own tests, as misdiagnosis is common and ought to be supervised by a professional. Completing a food sensitivity test on your own can be a great start, and if anything is uncovered that concerns you, we highly recommend finding professional advice.


Hemp is back for 2019, and stronger than ever. By this time, you’ve likely seen signs for CBD oil for sale, and seen its boasts of its positive effects like decreasing stress and anxiety. This substance is fast becoming popular, and is legal in most places. Its pain reducing effects have been studied by scientists, and there’s good reason to believe it can be extremely helpful for some people.

Recovery tools

Active and inactive recovery are becoming buzzwords in the fitness community. Gone are the days of simply putting your legs up in the air to help with blood flow, or getting a massage occasionally. After finishing up a tough day of trail running or snowboarding exercises, we have a myriad of recovery tools to choose from, and we’re loving all of them! Let’s go through a few of the best we’ve found.

  • Recovery boots: These space age looking boots are meant to help boost circulation through compression and help you recover faster from a big workout. Perfect for runner athletes, but a bit high on the price scale, these boots are worth it but are a big investment if on a budget.   
  • Tricked out foam rollers: Regular foam rollers are out, tricked out rollers are in. Try one that has specially placed bumps and knobs on it to really dig into your sore spots.
  • TheraGun: Sure, it sounds like a weapon of choice for space travel, but the TheraGun is one of many gun looking tools that provide deep vibration to sore muscles, and helps break up any scar tissue to improve your recovery.  

Traveling for you

While traveling can be stressful at times, a newish trend that we’re totally on board with is traveling for wellness. We’re talking about taking a trip that’s just for you and reducing your stress levels, or taking time off to volunteer. Here’s a few ways to get out of a rut and travel for positive vibes.

  • Solo trips: Traveling solo as an adult can be absolutely delightful. Even if you ran the hostel circuit in Thailand a few times as a youngster, traveling solo as an adult is a completely different experience. After all, doing exactly what you want and being on your own time schedule, plus getting in touch with yourself is probably exactly what you need.
  • Volunteer trips: Nothing will help reset your mind and soul as good as volunteering. A volunteer trip means not only getting out of your comfort zone but resetting your priorities and giving back.



Especially while on certain prescriptions, charcoal can end up binding to the wrong things, like your meds or other nutrients. Plus, with no proven detox benefits, the charcoal trend is on its way out anyway.

Juice Cleanse

With no real proof showing their detoxifying benefits, we recommend skipping this aging fad in exchange for a healthier diet all around.

Super boutique fitness clubs

We still love the spin gyms and the niche yoga, but it’s time that we combined some of these fitness trends into a more encompassing workout. We recommend looking for gyms that pair up with each other so you can do your yoga and your barre without having to go to opposite ends of town to each boutique studio.  

Blue light blocking

Sure, it’s important that we try and consume less blue light, but the best way to do that is to simply turn off our devices and let our natural circadian rhythm work its magic. Studies show that even a quick camping weekend away can help reset our rhythms and get us back to sleeping regularly. If you can try and pull yourself away from screens before bedtime, then we recommend avoiding the blue light blocking glasses trend for now.

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