How To Do A Staycation Right

Summer calls for rest and relaxation, and to be honest if you are a student paying off the student loan, or like most of us, living paycheck to paycheck getting out and doing a full-blown Instagram stars style vacation can be out of the question. You’re in luck, as we have a ton of ideas that do not require busting your wallet for a jet-setting adventure, to indulge in a summer vacation. A staycation can be just as if not more rewarding and rejuvenating than a full-blown vacation. Another way to look at it is, the pay leaves aren’t gonna use themselves up, right? So why not unwind and put them to some good use. These staycation ideas (for adults) can help you relax from the comfort of your home, sweet home. If you feel like getting out but not too far, corporate venues are another great option. Most companies will have a holiday home or two in their kitty for the benefits of their employee, make good use of it! For those who don’t, read on.

Just cause you aren’t leaving for a summer getaway or flying to a tropical paradise, does not mean your staycation has to limit itself to Nextflix and chilling in bed. Not that we’re saying it’s a bad idea. But if you are up for something a little bit different, and want to go all out right in your own apartment, a good way to utilize the extra buck you saved from not buying the plane tickets and booking hotels. If you want a #vacaygoals kinda vacation, here are 11 ways to make it ultra glam and luxurious, while you kick back in style at your own home.

Home Massage and Acupuncture

Yes, you can always go to a spa, but what is more comforting and luxe than hiring a masseur or an acupuncture specialist to come to your home? The last thing that most people want to do on their staycation is run around and get stuck in the rush hour. It is an amazing idea to bring the therapist to you and enjoy the benefits in your own time, at your own convenience. There are a bunch of apps that helps you book a masseur online. The two most popular ones are Zeel and Soothe.

Dine Out

Always wanted to try out that fancy restaurant around the corner? Well, you have all the extra stash, go for it! It is the perfect opportunity to get all glammed up and try out the restaurant that otherwise felt too indulgent for a normal date night or a girls/guys night out. With a date, with a friend or solo, it will feel equally luxurious no matter what you pick. If you are on a tighter budget, trying an organic coffee shop can be a luxe option on a budget. Here are some other fine dining options in NZ.

Salon Day

Instead of scrambling for your manicure in between meeting or getting facial done bi-annually, why not check out salons in your area and book a whole –day package? After a six-hour salon day, your staycation will feel more like staying at a resort. Just cause you are staying in, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good stuff.

Home Spa

If on a budget and well frankly if you don’t want to leave your home, the home spa is your best bet. Make a bubble bath, whip out some indulgent beauty products. If you want an element of surprise, go in for a beauty subscription box and order well in advance and save it for the day of your staycation so that you have something that you look forward to. It will add a nice touch to your home spa day.

Workout Class

While on your staycation, you can indulge in some me-time that’s not only good for the soul but also the body. Invest in an exercise class that you otherwise wouldn’t. Don’t go for something run of the mill, try something adventurous and new such as pole dancing, kick-boxing, beer yoga etc. Keep it fun, so as to add something new to the routine while keeping the staycation vibe going.


We often think we’ve seen it all, especially if you’ve been living in the same place for a long time. Often times we miss the smaller things when seeing the bigger picture. It may seem silly, but playing tourist in your own city and instill a sense of wonder and adventure and may probe you to find parts of the city you haven’t explored before. Stroll through a historic area, go to art museums, classical music venues, parks and other picturesque places. This will allow some time to just unwind and take in your environment with newfound excitement. If you live near a wildlife sanctuary or a beach, take part in some of the touristy activities they have on offer.

Event Hunting.

Before you start your staycation, search online for some special events that your city may be hosting. It can be anything, pub-crawls, cycle tours, music events, art walks, movie festivals anything that is social and exciting will do. You can check out websites like Groupon to steal an amazing deal on some of the events. If not, you can always visit an amusement park.

Take Up A Class

Since a majority of people spend their vacations trying our new things and activities, taking a class and acquiring a new skill can upgrade your staycation to a vacation level. It could be anything you enjoy, right from gourmet cooking classes, to pottery and sculpting classes. It would not only help you acquire a new skill, will also add a bit of newness to your routine. Also, it’s much better than getting a souvenir at a tourist outlet.

No Catching Up

Use this time to stay away from routine. That means no checking emails, turning off all alarms, no running errands or laundry days. It can be tempting to use all this free time to catch up. But use it to unwind and relax. This will help you get back to your routine stress-free and rejuvenated.

No Social Media Day

Staycation does not equal insta-stories. Not everything you do needs to be shared with the world. Use this time to instrospect and use this ‘ME’ time just for yourself. Switch off from the world. While doing this may not be possible everyday. But at least give it one whole day in your staycation.

A Day Trip

A staycation doesn’t mean you need to stay put. You an travel within close proximity to a beach or an amusement park, or a lake, or a campsite. The options are aplenty. Consider taking advantage of venues that lie within a short radius so as to spend less time commuting and more time unwinding.

Taking a staycation does not mean you give up the luxury of a normal vacation. You an make your humble abode a private and relaxing zone with the tips mentioned above and make the most of your time with yourself.

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