Planning A Celebration This Summer? Here’s Some Top Ideas

Struggling with nailing down that guest list or sussing out a venue? Exhausted before you even start planning? We totally feel you. Party planning isn’t easy, and for some people it’s the last thing they want to do, especially with summer on its way. After all, it’s beach time, not planning time! Spontaneity is a huge piece of a great summer! But, there are a few secrets and a few helpful, basic hints that will help you get on top of your planning so you can go back to the spontaneous and relaxed summer lifestyle.  

No matter what your party is this summer, we’ve got some great ideas to help your celebration stay safe, happy, and joyful.


  • Online flower delivery

Quick, easy, and barely requires a lift of a finger, online flower delivery is an excellent idea for any birthday. Many florists have websites with online orders available, and will even deliver to any location within a city. A birthday surprise flower delivery to their workplace is a delightful way to provide birthday wishes. You can even have flower delivery for groups of people, like your department who exceeded goals this year. Maybe provide quarterly flowers and cake to celebrate birthdays.

  • Bucket list birthdays

For some reason, many of us plan our birthday celebrations around what makes everyone else happy. Even if we’re planning it for someone else, it’s usually based on what the other’s schedules and convenience look like. This year, say screw it! What’s that one thing on your bucket list you’ve been putting off; skydiving? A certain travel destination? Theme parks? Decide you’re going to do it and don’t worry so much about who can actually make it. By putting yourself and your bucket list as a priority, you’ll have one of your best birthdays yet.


  • Late night delivery

Summer wedding celebrations often mean late night partying and a rowdy but lovely guest list. Call up your local vendors, like Auckland restaurants that deliver, to see what kind of late night catering they offer. Nothing keeps a party going like late night pizza or tacos after the alcohol has been flowing and dinner has been burned off on the dance floor. Try some of these other clever late snack ideas for more inspiration.  

  • All in one venues

If you can make room in your budget for it, you’ll seriously benefit from getting an all in one venue for the wedding celebration. Many wedding venues in Auckland will offer not only the room for the ceremony and reception, but also provide catering, alcohol, linens and furniture, and maybe even flowers. You could also even get a personal wedding planner to walk through each step with you. You’ll potentially pay more, but it will cut down immensely on the stress and time it takes to secure individual vendors.  

  • Prepare for heat

For some reason, wedding weather seems even more unpredictable than usual weather. Bad wedding weather is something you’ll be checking constantly for before the day. One of those variables is heat, and it can really pack a punch for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Prepare for it by purchasing sunglasses for your guests, or putting a fan or even a DIY facial mist on each chair.

Add some shade where possible if the sun is glaring that day, or provide umbrellas for individual shade. Use some of these other tips for outdoor weddings if you decide to go all outdoors.  


  • Order bulk

BBQ’s are an essential part of summer, which means that those BBQ supply costs are an essential part of your budget. You can certainly get by with purchasing as needed, but a better idea to keep costs down is to buy in bulk.

If you’re a meat eating crew, think about purchasing a quarter, half, or even full beef steer to stow away in the freezer and keep you and yours fed for months at a time. Besides food products, consider purchasing wine online in NZ as well. Cases tend to be much cheaper than individual bottles, and wine will always last, so you might as well stockpile when you can.

  • Tell the neighbors

Pro tip, invite your neighbors to your party. Not only will you up the fun with upping the numbers to your BBQ, but you’ll also be avoiding the possibility of angry neighbors if the party gets a little loud or a little rowdy. Plus, it’s just good manners to at least extend the invite.

Office Parties

  • Show your employees some love

If your office summer celebration is around Christmas or just generally celebrating success in the company, think about providing a gift to your employees. It can even be so easy as purchasing fancy new coffee machines in Auckland, or offering a staff day away at a local bowling alley or karaoke joint. Whatever funding you can put towards it, it’ll be appreciated by your staff, and will go a long way.  

  • Get out of the office

We spend a giant chunk of our lives at work, why spend even more to have an office party? Consider having your party somewhere exciting, new, or even relaxing. One possibility is hiring out a winery or even having wine tastings at your office party. This could remove any issue of excessive alcohol consumption, as only a small amount wine is typically offered in a tasting. Have your party on a boat cruise, or a scenic train ride.

For any other random summer celebrations you’ve got coming up this summer, remember to try and plan ahead the things you can control, and let go on the things you can’t. When there’s good food, good friends, and a reason to celebrate, the party will usually figure itself out on its own. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer party as much as you can!


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