10 Secrets To Planning The Perfect Wedding Day

If your wedding day is coming up, you’ve probably googled a hundred thousand other websites with tips on planning your day. At this point, you are practically an expert on all the ways you can possibly plan a wedding. If you’re just getting started though, and need some serious help sifting through all the information on the internet and from your friends and family, here are 10 of the biggest secrets of wedding planning that will help you plan out as perfect of a day as you can have.

  1. Spend the money to have an inclusive wedding venue

An inclusive wedding venue is one of the best ideas you can have for a wedding. Why? Because it’ll make your wedding planning life a million times easier. Be aware, the cost for a venue like this will be higher, but it’s including multiple pieces of your wedding day in the cost. For example, the catering, the table linens, and the bar service might normally require you to find separate vendors, but with a package deal from certain venues, they’ll all be included in one price and you don’t have to plan them each separately. This also saves you from having to keep track of all your vendors and making sure everyone is collaborating with each other effectively.  

  1. Delegate to your friends and family

We all will have that one mother-in-law or sister that might be overbearing in the wedding planning, but most of your family and friends are probably quite happy to help you out in any way you need. Don’t forget to actually use them! It might be tempting to try and do the work yourself, but it’s physically impossible to do it all yourself, so why not use the friends and family that you trust? Write up explicit instructions for whatever tasks you deem acceptable for others to do, so it’s easy for them to follow precisely.

  1. Have your flowers play double duty  

Flowers will be one of the more expensive parts of your wedding. Since you’ll be shelling out quite a bit of cash for them, why not make the most of them? Think about ways that you can use your flowers in multiple ways. Can you take your flowers adorning the ends of your ceremony chairs and use them as table decorations? Your bridesmaid bouquets can potentially sit in front of them as a lovely head table decoration as well. Work with your florist and be creative and see what kind of options you can come up with.

  1. Always confirm details with vendors

It’s so easy to assume that everything will go to plan. As in, you’ve booked the DJ, so it’s all sorted now and they’ll just be there when they’re supposed to be there, right? While this absolutely the way it should be, unfortunately sometimes bookings get lost or vendors double book by accident. Avoid this by making a quick call to all of your vendors, caterers and bookings a couple of weeks out from the day to confirm their arrival and what you’re expecting from them.

  1. Let your bridesmaids choose their own dress

Chances are, you’ve been a bridesmaid at least once. Or at the very least, you’ve been to a wedding and seen the bridesmaid’s dresses. If you’ve been a bridesmaid, there is definitively nothing worse than having to wear a dress that you hate and paid a serious amount of money for. You don’t feel good in it, you aren’t comfortable on the day, and you can’t wait to get it off at the end of the night. By choosing a colour scheme, and then allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dress from that colour, you’ll hear sighs of relief in a resounding chorus from your ladies.

  1. Bring in coffee to keep the party going

Have a coffee supplier come in and set up coffee throughout the whole day. Have it available prior to the wedding ceremony, before and during dinner, and even after the dance has started. This will help keep everyone awake and dancing all night! Plus, it’s a great alternative for those who don’t want to drink alcohol.

  1. Have more food delivered

If you really want your guests to have a great time and have a wedding that people talk about, have a late night food delivery to help sop up some of the alcohol and provide a second wind to the dancers!

  1. Have a test run of hair and makeup

Hair and makeup can take much longer than you expect. Your wedding stylist should be able to give you exact estimates on how long it will take your whole wedding party to be styled. Regardless of this, you still absolutely need to do a test run of your own hair and makeup before the day. Part of this is to see how long it will take, but it’s also to make sure that your style is the one that you want, instead of risking it on the day and hating it.

  1. Break in your wedding shoes

This one is self explanatory, but totally worth mentioning. Many brides purchase their wedding shoes and completely forget to break them in prior to the day, leading to an all too unpleasant mix of blisters and aching feet. Wear them around the house to keep them clean, and you’ll have a much more comfortable pair of shoes to dance the night away in. It’s always a good idea to bring a couple pairs of backup shoes as well if something happens to your first ones.

  1. Remember that something WILL go wrong

No matter how much you plan, how much you’ve accounted for, something will always, always, inevitably go wrong. Sometimes it’s something small like your bar staff running out of ice, which is easily replaceable, or something bigger like your dress tearing.

No matter what it is that goes wrong on your day, don’t focus on it. What do you want to remember on your 5, 10, 50th anniversary? That the colour on the flowers was off, or that you married the love of your life on that day? Keep that in mind, relax, and enjoy the day that you’ve been waiting for.

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