10 Shopping Tips To Help You Save Money

Shopping can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. It can be a day of relaxation, or a dreaded task, depending on what you’re shopping for or how much you enjoy the process. No matter what you’re looking for or how much you despise or adore shopping, you can always use a new suggestion to help you save money. This guide has combined both new and classic ways that help you save money on whatever type of shopping you’re after.

  1. Use the apps

It seems like every store these days has an app to either help you shop, order online, or provide you coupons and discounts. Some apps even allow you to rack up points of some sort that you can redeem later on for deals or items. It might seem a bit annoying to keep track of all these apps on your phone, but some of them can be extremely helpful and save you money, especially at places where you shop often. Even if you don’t shop regularly at a place with an app, you might get a special bonus for initially signing up for their app, which can get you a great deal for that one item you’ve had your eye on.

Certain money saving apps like Groupon might even have odd things for sale or at a discount, like a wedding venue or an island vacation. Don’t forget to check them often for the random discounts for things that are on your long term wish or need lists! Take a look at this list of great apps out right now for saving money on all kinds of things.

  1. Always make a list

Having a list means that you avoid buying things that you don’t actually need, which is incredibly important to saving money while shopping. We’ve all been there, going into a supermarket or clothing store with no real agenda in mind, and ending up leaving with basically nothing that we need and everything that we impulse purchased. Avoid this by becoming an avid list maker for everything; not just grocery lists, but the things you want and need for the future as well.

  1. Buy bulk

Buying bulk is tricky. Sometimes it makes sense financially, and sometimes you’re better off avoiding it. The biggest thing to keep in mind when considering buying bulk is asking yourself if you will actually use all of the items before they go bad, especially if they’re food products. Use this list of the best products to buy in bulk to get you started.

You might actually find some different ways of buying bulk that you haven’t thought of before that could really save you some money when it comes down to purchasing that particular item. For example, if you’re moving into a new home and need to purchase multiple beds for your family, it might help you to shop bulk beds for sale in Auckland. Save money on food delivery by buying bulk items, or going through a catering page to buy meals for the whole family for the week.

  1. Don’t be afraid to shop around

For example, if you’ve been going to the same florist for a while or using the same coffee supplier, you might not have been paying attention to the other suppliers out there with better deals. Now, sure, keeping the same vendors can be important for developing those relationships and building trust, but you should at least have an idea of what other vendors are charging to ensure you are paying competitive rates.

  1. Don’t impulse buy

For the same reasons as you should be making a list every time, you also need to learn to curb your impulse buying urges. If you tend to impulse shop quite often, try a little experiment next time that you feel the urge. Put the item on your wish list, and tell yourself you can buy it if you still want it in one week. Give it some serious thought over that week, or better yet, reevaluate completely if you didn’t even think about it at all during the week.

The truth is, most of our impulse wants go away after a while if we just give them time to. Besides, waiting it out to purchase something means it might have the chance to go on sale!

  1. Use credit cards

If you can handle it, don’t abuse it, and are able to pay off the total owed amount each month, using your credit card to make all your purchases can be extremely lucrative. Cash back deals can earn you money on top of your purchases, making it essentially free income. Again, however, this doesn’t make financial sense if you aren’t able to pay off the balance each month.  

  1. Avoid the coupon trap

Repeat after me: Just because something has a coupon doesn’t mean that you need it. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale, or has a great coupon, if you don’t need or love the item. That amazing coupon on ladies watches might be totally tempting, but unless you’re sorely needing a watch, avoid the temptation. Buy what you need, when you need it, and avoid the coupon trap!

  1. Expand your shopping network

Is the item something I can buy or borrow this once from a friend? Is it something I can purchase from a garage sale, op shop, or from an online used item site?

  1. Avoid one stop shops

Although convenient and easy, the stores that offer one stop shopping can often end up being a lot more expensive than purchasing products separately. A perfect example of this is the supermarket. How many of us are guilty of buying that shampoo or makeup item while shopping for groceries? Supermarkets know that convenience wins out for most people, which is why they carry those items, and price them higher.  

  1. Stop buying pre-made foods

Think of this as your opportunity to brush up on your cooking skills. If you’ve ever tried to do the math on premade food, you’ll most likely find out that you could save incredible amounts of money by buying the same ingredients and making the item yourself.

There you have it, the ten best tips right now for helping you save money on your shopping. Now it’s time to arm yourself with your new knowledge, and see how much you can save!

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